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Kensa pioneered the adoption of heat pump technology in the UK.

Kensa heat pumps are compact, durable, easy-to-install and supplied with an exceptional warranty and after-sales support.

Kensa installations

Award-Winning market leader

Kensa has achieved our market-leading status by developing innovative products and embracing and supporting existing supply chains. As well as introducing unique delivery models backed by the novel use of renewable energy funding, Kensa focus on making a technically challenging but environmentally and economically rewarding technology mainstream

What is Kensa?

Combining quality components, precision engineering, talented production staff and a state-of-the-art test facility, Kensa‘s heat pumps provide market-leading performance. Beyond manufacturing heat pumps, we work with many installers, specifiers and housing providers to deliver exceptionally well-designed systems which out-perform the market.

Heat pumps for self builds & renovations

Having worked with self-builders since 1999, Kensa strives to help you find the perfect heating system. Using our extensive range of domestic heat pumps, your home will play a part in the bigger zero-carbon picture.

Heat pumps for commercial buildings

Kensa’s heat pumps can heat and cool businesses – such as farms, offices and holiday lodges – all year round. You even have a ‘green’ selling point to match.

Example Savings

Estimated running costs

The performance of your ground source heat pump system is impossible to predict with certainty due to numerous factors including the prevailing weather conditions and your own preferences and behaviours. For example, your heat pump will perform less efficiently during a colder winter; equally, efficiency will be impacted if you require higher-than-average room temperatures or you use an exceptional amount of hot water. That said, for illustrative purposes, Kensa has used some assumptions to estimate your running costs. If you decide to move forward, you will receive a more accurate projection once the precise heat loss has been calculated.

Assumed cost of electricity £ 0.160
Estimated heat pump output (kWh/yr)*
Estimated Heat Pump Efficiency (SPF)
Estimated Electrical input (kWh/yr)
GSHP running cost (£)

Space heating





Hot water





Hot water immersion top-up** 










*Heat pump load is taken from heat loss calculations. 
**Hot water immersion top-up for legionella prevention only

Current figures – Displaced fuel cost comparison using current fuel costs
Estimated heat pump output (kWh/yr)*
OIL (£/kWh)*
LPG (£/kWh)*
Natural Gas (£/kWh)*
Direct electric (£/kWh)*

Cost per kWh (£)






Cost per kWh (£)Space heating 






Hot water






Hot water immersion top-up

£ 0.00







*Fuel costs taken from Nottingham Fuel Partnership averaged over a full year and are after boiler efficiencies are accounted for.